What is Sports Chain

The Sports Concept

Sports was initiated by the advocate community of the decentralized organization Sports-Chain. It is a highly decentralized but high-consensus group that comprises developers, enthusiasts, users and other members. The advocate community is guided by the underlying principles of blockchain, such as co-creation, co-governance, co-construction and sharing. The decentralized smart contract project Sports was initiated to promote the Sports-Chain ecosystem. It is eternal and fully-automated.

DAO Ecological governance mechanism

DAO is the abbreviation of Decentralized Autonomous Organization in English. It is an organizational form derived from the core ideology of blockchain (co-creation, co- construction, co-governance, and shared collaborative behaviors spontaneously generated by groups that reach the same consensus). It is a subsidiary product after the blockchain solves the trust problem between people.

DAO is an evolution of the company's organizational form, a revolutionary evolution in the history of human collaboration. Its essence is a form of blockchain technology application.

Sports Chain uses SAS and SC as the certificates of ecological governance, and is based on the perfect governance rules of the smart contract DAO, which promotes the entire ecosystem to operate under a continuous blood-making and self-improving system. It also has the following characteristics:

How The Token Works


Benefits For Everyone

SC and SAS dual currency linkage to create a siphon effect

Sports Chain’s public chain and other infrastructure will provide the most secure and stable technical support for thousands of DAPP and enterprise developers in the sports industry; Sports Chain’s native applications will become the best tools for billions of sports enthusiasts.


Sports Chain Public Chain / SAS/SC Token Engine / Open API


Sports Community / Global Sports Bet Platform

Sports DEFI Platform / Sports Chain Live!


E-Sports Community / Cross-chain ECommerce

A Decenteralized Payment Nework

Powered by Cryptocurrency


Sports Chain Live!

  • Build into the world's largest interactive event live broadcast application within 3 years;
  • Live broadcast of the world's top events, innovative user interaction;
  • Support SC / SAS for rewards and voting;
  • Advertisers can use SC / SAS for ad placement bidding;

Sports DEFI Platform

  • Build a financial derivatives market in the sports industry through DEFI.
  • Sports DEFI can tokenize the sports advertising business, so that future teams and their advertisers can enjoy better liquidation and less transaction costs.
  • As the adoption of cryptocurrencies grows, more asset classes will enter the sports market through tokenization. For example, clubs can tokenize and sell their future receivables to global investors to get immediate priority payment.
  • Helping to alleviate the well-known pain of international remittances, and the tokenized sports asset package provides a new and reliable type of collateral for the Sports DEFI credit system.
  • At the same time, financial industry practitioners can also develop DEFI applications on the Sports Chain public chain.

Global Sports Data &Bet Platform

  • Will soon build a big data platform for the global sports industry to provide accurate analysis of events and quiz;
  • Cooperation with the world's top licensed betting platform;
  • Cover all global events and integrate with live broadcast platforms;
  • The new interactive mode has become a link between sports enthusiasts and professional athletes;
  • Fair guessing through smart contracts based on Sports Chain;

Blockchain Online Store

  • E-commerce is always the largest industry in the world
  • Access the shopping needs of digital currency users worldwide
  • Everyone is both a consumer and a profiter
  • The original model of bringing goods to break the flow barriers of traditional e-commerce